ree music is everywhere on the internet and it’s now easier to find good music apps than ever before. Gone are the days when streaming was required to listen to a few of your favourite songs. Apps pop up and disappear every year but the good news is that there are a few that are prospering.

If you’ve been looking for an app that allows you to discover new artists, listen to your own personalised playlists, choose songs or genres, pick a random selection of a specific artist or even find a radio station in your area, these music apps are the answer you’ve been looking for. All of these apps are free and legal so without further ado, let’s reveal them.

Deezer and iHeartRadio

Deezer has been around for a while and is one of the most user-friendly choices. When you open your account, you can choose genres that you like and let the app play on ‘flow’ mode. If you like the song, you add it to your favourites and if you don’t like it, the app promises to never play it again.

iHeartRadio takes radio as we know it to the next level. It is one of the most popular music apps out there and allows you to choose from a wide variety of radio stations based on your personal taste. It also has podcasts, comedy shows, talk radio and seasonal radio stations. The app even allows you to listen to sports and news.

Jango Radio and Pandora

Jango Radio does things a little differently. They offer a wide variety of music from famous artists as well as independent artists. This means that you are just as likely to hear a song that up-and-coming artists have paid to have on the platform as a song from the top 40s.

Pandora is another popular music app. It allows music fans to listen to any music they want, on any device. The biggest perks of this app are its simplicity and its music library. Pandora also offers a full on-demand streaming service for the music enthusiasts that want a Spotify-like experience without leaving the brilliant app.