Most of us use music to improve our moods or take the pain out of a strenuous activity. You probably have an exercise playlist and a favourite party mix or two for entertaining. But music can make just about any activity better, whether it’s something as fun as playing online games or as dull as your daily chores.

If you’re faced with an activity you really don’t enjoy, music can help get you through it. Did you know that four songs usually take about 15 minutes to play? Just queue up four of your favourite songs and work on your least favourite chores until you’ve listened to the last one. You’ll be surprised by how much you get done in a very short time.

Once you’ve breezed through your chores, why not reward yourself with some entertainment? Music can also make fun activities even more enjoyable. Music can make the best games even better, by getting you in just the right mood. Sure, a lot of games come with a soundtrack of their own — but this can get a little repetitive if it’s a game you keep coming back to. Replacing the game’s music with something more to your taste can make things even more exciting. Try playing your favourite online casino games with music from a James Bond film to feel like a real high roller.

The right music can really boost your productivity in other areas too. Songs with a vocal track can be distracting but many people use an instrumental mix for work or study. Hop onto a site such as Soundcloud or open a music app like Pandora to find playlists specifically designed to help you concentrate. Some people like fast, high-energy music for work while others prefer slow, gentle ambient tracks.