Music plays a great role in our lives. It has therapeutic effects to both the listener and the player. Bars, restaurants and casinos play music that is easy to listen. Lounge music is common in restaurants, bars and casinos. It was popular in the 1950s and 1960. In the listeners, it evokes the sense of being in place with a tranquil theme. It encompasses great music influenced by instrumentals while it remains focused on retro-age cultural elements.

Space age pop, Exotica and some forms of easy listening music popular in the 1960s are referred to as lounge. The term lounge has been retrospectively applied in recent times as this type of music is commonly played in lounges at casinos, bar, supermarkets, restaurants, casinos and piano bars. Lounge was derived from jazz and other traditional musical elements.

Lounge Musicians

Musicians associated with lounge music stretch back to early 20th century. While there are few modern lounge artists, the old musicians remain popular. There have been many great lounge artists and bands. Notable examples of great lounge artists are Burt Bacharan, Sam Butera, Michael Buble, Louis Prima and many more. Their songs are easy to listen to with a soft touch of swing usually played on a piano.

Lounge emerged in the late 1980s. By the early 1990s, lounge revival was massive. This music is played in bars and casinos because of its feel. It brings a sense of relaxation. In bars and casinos, it brings about a chilled mood. It can also be heard in online casinos depending on the games you play.

Restaurants, bars and casinos have amazing collections of relaxing songs. They offer an opportunity for drinking and dancing to enjoy a night. While playing in a casino, it brings a sense of comfort as people are gaming. Lounge music is played for relaxation purposes. It’s more of background music played in lounges and relaxation areas.