A brief introduction to how we enjoy music

Welcome to this site where we will discuss all aspects of music from listening and playing music, to different artists and genres. Music can be therapeutic for both the listener and the player. In this day and age, people can listen to music on all types of devices such as the radio, a Walkman, iPods and smartphones. Musicians use pianos, guitars, drum sets, brass and woodwind instruments, creative words and elegant voices to make good music for their fans all over the world.

Common Music Genres

In this century, there are several common music genres that are played and listened to worldwide. For example, heavy metal is a popular form of music with a large number of fans worldwide. It is characterised by extended guitar solos, overall loudness, emphatic beats and highly amplified distortion. Alternative music is more art-based. It’s characterised by drummers, guitarists and great vocalists, notable bands include Linkin Park and Evanescence. Other common music genres include R&B, Rap, Jazz, Classical, Pop, Hip-hop and Country and we’ll be writing about all of these and more on this site.

The Benefits of Playing and Listening to Music

Listening to and playing music is advantageous to our daily lives in many ways. Music increases happiness for both the player and the listener but it can also cause us to feel other emotional extremes from anger to joy. Depending on the music you are listening to, it can make you feel relaxed or give you energy. Playing an instrument enables one to acquire multi-sensory processing skills that are great at differentiating between various senses such as sensory signals. So, get immersed in our site and get ready to learn more about the music you love.